Women in the twenties

 Women in the 1920s Article

Veronica Robinson

Females in the 1920s

The Nineteenth Amendment, approved in 1919, guarantees almost all American ladies the right to election. The fight to achieve this landmark was a very long and difficult a single, beginning earn the 1800s with petitioning and picketing (ourdocuments. gov). Although, when it was handed, women sensed a sigh of relief, as their voices were finally heard, merely in time for any new period that was the 1920s. The 1920s were a time of questioning and contradictions when people, especially ladies, questioned the ideals of society, leading to conflicts in areas such as religion and politics amongst others and clashes between modernists and fundamentalists.

From the time the Nineteenth Amendment passed in 1919, so many doorways opened for ladies. They sensed that their particular voices could finally be heard. It boosted a newfound assurance that built women feel as if they could take a part through this culture change. Also improving in this time period was Science. New discoveries were made, such as methods for birth control. Since girls did feel more liberty to express themselves and share their ideas, the ultra-modern woman's pleas for relief from constant childbearing was heard and acknowledged by many ladies who faced the same problems. Maggie Sanger, a supporter with the Birth Control motion, writes, " Thousands of albhabets are brought to me annually by mothers… All of them tone of voice desperate is attractive for deliverance from the bondage of enforced maternity” (Hoffman, 202). The lady then goes on to write a volume of letters from women, asking, or rather, pleading for her guidance and information regarding birth control. This newfound flexibility of phrase also felt more comfortable with all the power of all their sexuality. Females drank and smoked, along with talk governmental policies, with males, and " though couple of women became politicians, thousands became flappers. In six years, hemlines went coming from ankle, in which they had recently been for centuries, towards the knee” (Hoffman, 193). Paula S. Fass writes in her composition, " Sexual intercourse and Children in the Jazz music...

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