The Study upon Abolishment of Death Penalty of Corruption Crimes

 The Study upon Abolishment of Death Fees of File corruption error Crimes Composition

Bribery and file corruption error crime is out there widely globally, and are very serious in some countries and areas. Particularly, bribery and data corruption crimes will certainly occur regularly with high degree inside the specific length of fast progress economy, fast transform of society and imperfect of some mechanism in our region. " That badly hurt healthy advancement our society and blacklisted the aim of building harmonious world of our federal government. In order to keep bribery and problem crimes within just limits; the us government always persists in providing an great blow to the crimes, and even used the most serious criminal punishment-death penalty. ”(Changsha, 2006) " But , we can find in the case developing status in the lately many years, that is, one side, the situation arising costs, related cash amounts and the civil amounts constantly pennyless the record. ”(Zhao, 2004) On the other side, some new circumstances and aspects constantly happened just like high frequency of hiding and spoliation, low utilization costs of fatality penalty, avoiding of dodgy officials, and even appeared giving corrupt representatives lower criminal punishment who had been repatriated due to extradition. This made unfair of justice as a matter of fact, confirmed disability of death charges in penalizing bribery and corruption criminal activity, and made some misunderstanding of doctrine of severe consequence. The appearance of challenge about existence and abolishment of loss of life penalty of briery and corruption criminal offenses is based on that with the speedy development of economy, " traditions and contemporary society in these days two decades, material wealth acquire maximum abundance, and peoples' concept of man rights and consciousness of rights receive progressively maximizing. ”(Ma, 2004)At the same time, internationally movement of abolishment of death penalty increased. Every year cases of condemning and carrying out loss of life penalty mostly in our country,which is out go well with to wonderful effect of the country, and in addition runs table to the wonderful aim of building harmonious world of our country. " It is crucial that to adapt fashionable, to remove death penalty of bribery and data corruption crimes. ”(Chen, 2001) The necessity for abolishing of death charges of data corruption crimes Loss of life penalty, to be the most stern penalty that take away householder's life, the debate to stay it or abolishing it absolutely was first been put forward available " Offense and Penalty”, written by Beccaria. This issue have been argued to get hundreds of years. Currently, civilization is highly developed, academic circles' views for the death penalty, especially for death penalty of non-violent offense, which should get rid of, are simple consensus. Teacher Zhao, Bingzhi pointed out that " The criminal activity that naturally are too harsh to set loss of life penalty or perhaps will causing for benefit imbalance, must be abolished their death fees from legal guidelines in time. ” " Especially for non-violent crimes which in turn there are zero specific victim and crimes which do not potentially have hazard to other people' person simple right” (Zhao, 2004), must be abolished all their death charges from laws right quickly. Speaking of bribery and data corruption crimes, the situation that if should get rid of death penalty or not really becomes academic circle and theory circle's focus of argument increasingly. One opinion consider that despite the fact that bribery and corruption criminal activity seriously risk the integrity of region staffs and encroach upon public property, but they tend not to harm pertaining to people's your life, so we should abolished fatality penalty of bribery and corruption crimes(Ma. 2006). One other opinion thinks that eliminate bribery and corruption crimes' death fees is not fit for China's national circumstances, and there are two reasons. Similarly, at present, China and tiawan excessively uses probation or exempted via criminal abuse to majority bribery and corruption offences, which contravene the basic principle of fairness penalty. Alternatively, comparison to other countries which get rid of death charges for bribery and data corruption crimes, each of our country...

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