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Interpersonal Interaction

Case Study – Sundown Food handling business

I noticed a whole lot of concerns while scanning this case study. The vital thing that trapped my interest was that there was clearly a lot of diversity in the workplace. The owners were hiring a lot of people from several countries, which means they have differing backgrounds and cultures. This could lead to big problems if Carol and Bruce don't know how to deal with the differences between cultures. Previously someone brought up that they had a problem taking orders from women. A simple solution is perfect for Carol and Bruce to accomplish some diversity training and talking considering the employees by what they get to be a social norm on their behalf. From there, they can work with the employees and create strategies to defeat any hurdles. I noticed that whenever Hans was hired, he made a lot of changes to the corporation. The problem I had fashioned was that he sent these types of changes by memos out to the managers passed along to the workers. This wasn't the best way to send out information of that magnitude. Simply by passing a paper away showing all of the changes, it leaves it up to the employee to interpret what is happening and can cause miscommunication. When ever Hans makes big improvements, he can be to each individual store and call a meeting with all the current employees. The approach is somewhat more personable as well as the employees will be more understanding of all of the changes. Hans can also explain what exactly is happening about the changes and more significantly, why they may be happening. This will help create a confident relationship with the employees and they'll see him as much less of a " bureaucrat”. One more problem which i noticed was that the friends and family atmosphere that was apparent at the start in the company had now faded. Most of the staff didn't find out Bruce and Carol which will led to a decrease of idea exchange. I understand that they have managers at the store and bakery, but that still leaves Bruce and Carol to consider day to day problems and less period worrying...

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