Sherif Composition

Sherif (1935) Autokinetic Impact Experiment

Aim: sherif conducted a great experiment with the purpose of demonstrating that people conform to group norms when they are put in a great ambigious (unclear) situation

Method: sheriff used a lab research to study conformity. He applied the autokinetic effect. That's where a small area of light in a darken place will appear to move, even though it remains. (known as being a visual illusion)

5. It was discovered that when individuals were independently tested their very own estiments onn how far the sunshine moved different considerably (from 20cm to 80cm). 5. The individuals were then simply tested in groups of a few.

5. Sherif altered the structure of the group by putting together two people whose calculate of the light movement once alone wasvery similar, and one person in whose estimate was very different. 5. Each person inside the group was required to say out loud how far they will thought the light had transferred.


* Sherif found that over quite a few trials in the movement of sunshine, the group converged to a common estimation. * Anybody whose approximate of movement was greatly differnet to the various other two in the group conformed to the look at of the other two. * Sherif said that this kind of showed that individuals would always tend to conform. Rather than make person judgements they tend to come to an organization agreement.


Sherif demonstrated that conformity did occur due to informational conformity while the participants were within an ambigious (unclear) situation and socially examines their behavior with the group.

Ethical issues

Deception occurred as Sherif told the participants the light could mover, when infact that remained stationary.

All individuals gave conformed consent and had the right to take away.

The strengths with the analyze was the approach used to test conformity, as it was performed inside the laboratory all variable could possibly be measured and controlled, meaning that any impact on the dependant variable was down...

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