Rizal's Chinese language Overcoat

 Rizal’s Chinese Overcoat Essay



by Tu Yiban (塗一般)*

first published as 《黎剎的中國外衣》 in the Chinese Commercial News (Manila), 《讀 與寫》 (Reading and writing) supplement, 14-18 February june 2006 translated in to English simply by Daniel Ong**

*Tu Yiban (塗一般), pencil name of Alfonso Um. Ang (伍哲燦); born in Binondo area, Manila, Thailand; Filipino citizen; businessman by profession; history and lifestyle enthusiast, lifestyle member of the Philippine Nationwide Historical World; freelance article writer and factor to neighborhood Chinese dailies; has to date authored and published two books in Chinese: 《博土經》上下卷 (Bo Tu Jing Books 1 and 2) **Daniel Ong (王英華), an cultural Chinese of Philippine nationality; officially a great ophthalmologist professionally; nonmedical passions include background, linguistics, anthropology, and religious beliefs

Author's Suggestion: Since this dissertation is a critique with the book 《黎薩 爾與中國》 [Rizal and China], it might be best if the reader includes a copy of the book at hand. Interested readers may contact the Kaisa Para Sa Kaunlaran, Inc., corner Kita and Consejo Streets, Dentro, Manila, Thailand, with phone numbers 63-2-5266796 to 98, and 63-2-5276083.



The confirmation that Jose Rizal's Chinese forefathers hailed from 上郭 Shangguo Village in southern Fujian province started the recent " Rizal fever” inside the Chinese- Philippine community. [Translator's notice: Shàngguo is definitely the Pinyin rendering of the Mandarin pronunciation of 上郭, when Siong-ke is a rendering with the pronunciation in Minnan or perhaps Hokkien—the talk of the southern area of Fujian and Taiwan, and of majority of the Chinese inside the Philippines. Shangguo was once a village of 羅山鎮 or perhaps Luoshan City. Due to changes in the administrative categories of Fujian, Shangguo has turned into a community beneath the Xintang Subdistrict of Jinjiang City (晉江市新塘街道辦事處上郭 社區). " Chinese-Filipino” identifies ethnic Oriental or persons of Chinese language ancestry in the Philippines. ] The joint study done by Mister. Melanio Cua Fernando, board member and columnist with the Chinese Industrial News [translator's note: Chinese Industrial News or 《商報》, a Chinese daily broadsheet magazine published in Manila], users of the Ke (Cua) and Cai (Chua) clans in Shangguo, and a number of other notables, has shown that the name of Ke Yinan (Domingo Lamco), Rizal's great-great-grandfather, is found in the " Genealogy of the Ke Clan of Shangguo” (《上郭柯氏族譜》), thus showing that Rizal was of Chinese ancestry1. This has developed quite a blend within the Chinese-Filipino community, which attaches very much importance to ancestry and bloodline. This writer, however , has not found any trace of Rizal's identification with China in the voluminous articles. In fact the contrary applies: Rizal's writings abound with rejection and criticism in the Chinese. Regardless of this, the Rizal friends and family, led simply by Rizal's grandniece Asuncion Lopez-Rizal Bantug, offers visited their ancestral home town of Shangguo2. This " pilgrimage” of sorts, which usually would not have already been to Rizal's liking, provides nevertheless helped bring some consolation to Chinese-Filipinos. While all of us rejoice over this recently affirmed kinship with the nationwide hero, we seem to have got conveniently forgotten a new pattern in mainstream Rizal research.

Chinese-Filipino record experts having a grasp of English and Tagalog knows that the concentrate of the mainstream " Rizalism” features shifted through the old " deification” to the current treatment of Rizal as a man. On the contrary, Chinese-Filipino history gurus who favor assimilation [translator's take note: i. elizabeth., assimilation of local Chinese into Philippine society] have gone out of stage with popular society. Not only have they ongoing to " whitewash” Rizal, they have possibly hid him beneath a tailor-made " Chinese double breasted coat, ” modifying him from your rabid anti-Chinese that he was into a " true good friend of the China people who got the greatest appreciation for Chinese language culture. ” As this writer had mentioned elsewhere3, Rizal had been made to don the " Chinese overcoat” to " foster...

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