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Bruce Alan Williams Student ID# 25941744 Theology 104 Summer 2013

I use chosen since my two matters: The Holy Spirit as well as the Gifts from the Spirit. They are defined as a) The third person in the O Trinity. b) A great force and power that serves on behalf of the daddy and Kid and also the believer. c) Reached bring in the Grace dispensation or the chapel age between your day of Pentecost plus the rapture of the church from your earth. The gifts of the Holy Heart are the functions and features within the body system of Christ for the purpose of edifying and avertissement to the chapel. The Ay Spirit can be and has become dear to my cardiovascular as I have grown to be a member in the body of Christ. I wish to expound a bit on Him and His presents as related my Christian Life.

The Holy trinity are all equivalent in essence. All of them have always been, by everlasting to everlasting. The daddy, Son as well as the Holy Ghost have no secrets from one an additional. The ministry of the 3 has always been together and they live to compliment and love one another. These were here throughout the Old Testament working together and still working together within the New Legs era. 1 difference would be that the Holy Spirit has been the channel by which, and connection of, the Father and Son to communicate and interact with guy, since the Son's ascension. The daddy had sent the Kid (Jesus Christ) to earth as a girl to a virgin. This was completed through the O Spirit. Having been to be increased up underneath the law of Moses. Then to be baptized by John the Baptist and to always be anointed by the Holy Spirit for support at that time. He underwent testing by Satan and began His ministry, He taught, guided, comforted, preached cured others possibly saving several then This individual died intended for clamming being who Having been. Then He rose alive from the lifeless on the third day and came on out of the burial plot. This resurrected Jesus was and is at this point the Messiah the Christ of Our god,...

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