Realistic Conscious vs Irrational Subconscious

 Rational Conscious vs Illogical Unconscious Article

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Logical Conscious VERSUS Irrational Subconscious

Rational Conscious VERSUS Irrational Unconscious

The intellectual concerns of late nineteenth century The european union was built around the thoughts such as logical and irrational or as Nietzsche declares, Apollonian and Dionysian. Europe was going into a new mental phase of questioning logic and creativity. Controversial topics such as religious beliefs and science were today being targeted in the Apollonian and Dionysian theories. Sigmund Freud constructs his very own myths around the topic of logic and imagination when referring to dreams. Philologist Friedrich Nietzsche and psychologist Sigmund Freud equally analyzed the idea of the mindful rational and the unconscious irrational theory. While Nietzsche revels in the Dionysian theory, Freud approaches the topic strategically. Freud and Nietzsche both consent that logical cannot are present without irrational, and human nature fundamentally amounts them. Dreams are logical and illogical just as human nature but both equally reach their particular arguments through different techniques, Nietzsche through mythology whilst Freud through psychological means. Nietzsche uses the mythology of Apollo and Dionysus to redefine art in " The Birth of Tragedy”. Apollo and Dionysus are sons of Zeus. Apollo is the Our god of the Sunlight, which represents rationality and reason. Dionysus is the God of wine beverage which represents drunkenness and ecstasy. Both are the oppositions of each various other. Nietzsche definition of aesthetics is conducted on new terms, and attempts to structure the art and its process through imposing landscapes of Apollo and Dionysus. This dichotomy of Apollonian and Dionysian is what encompases his discussion about both realms of art. This individual engulfs himself in the theory and " continuous evolution” to the " Apollonian-Dionysian duality” or the realistic and illogical duality (Nietzsche, 19). He saw equally concepts, Apollonian and Dionysian, as art realms and compares these to the " two physiological...

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