Leadership Article

Santino DiPalermo


Ms. Monty

Period two


Not everybody can be a superb leader, it will take certain qualities to pull it off. The book Awaiting the Rain is by Sheila Gordon. In this book, two boys develop up collectively then divided apart and have to face the challenges of Apartheid to outlive. The movie Invictus was directed by Clint Eastwood and written by Anthony Peckham. In this motion picture, Nelson Mandela finds a method to heal South Africa after his release via prison. The movie The Power of A single was described by Ruben G. Avildsen and authored by Robert Indicate Kamen. In this movie, a boy fights his way through South Africa to experience a good life. Courage is definitely the quality of mind or spirit that allows a person to face problems, danger, and pain. Justness is the top quality of being good or free of being opinion or injustice. Knowledge is a acquaintance with facts, facts, or guidelines, as by study. Commanders, such as Nelson Mandela, Tengo, and L. K., were great as a result of courage, justness, and knowledge.

Courage can be described as reason why Nelson Mandela, Llevo, and L. K. had been such good leaders. In Waiting for the Rain, Tube used his courage if he started to toss rocks in the Afrikaner law enforcement and armed service. The Neger police and army had been raiding the township. These people were shooting people, so Llevo ran to the other children, picked up a few rocks, and started tossing them at the police and army. He was as aggresive as a gambling. In Invictus, Nelson Mandela uses valor when he goes places uncovered. Mandela continues morning walks and he goes to the Springbok's game games. She has a black president during DiPalermo a couple of

Apartheid, therefore he is aware of there is a probability that an Morian could take him any moment he is exposed, but he shows courage and beliefs for his country. " Times alter, we need to alter as well, " (Invictus). Mandela is certainly not afraid of aiming to change S. africa. In The Power of One, S. K. uses courage if he has his dream of the elephant then when he pushes his ansto? down....

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