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Introduction to Conflict Resolution: Concepts and Definitions

In this third edition of your book all of us bring the study of the conflict resolution field up to date at the start of the second ten years of the twenty-first century. Conflict resolution as being a defined consultant field came up of age inside the post-Cold Conflict era. In addition, it found alone face to face with fundamental new challenges, most of which have come into even sharper focus because the first and second models of this publication.

Why one third Edition?

The first model of the book (1999) was written at any given time when, in spite of setbacks, conflict resolution methods in peacekeeping, peacemaking and peacebuilding were widely found for the first the perfect time to be central in global politics in the context of what US President George Bush mature had (somewhat reluctantly) known as ‘new community order'. His successor, Expenses Clinton, and UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan both broadly subscribed to what we discover as the ‘cosmopolitan' worldview shared by many if certainly not most of the founders of the conflict resolution field. The aim of the first edition of the publication was to make clear what this meant. The other edition (2005) coincided together with the apogee of the ‘neo-con' effect, associated specifically with the operations of President George W. Bush jr .. The ‘global war on terror' had arrive to control the stage, and conflict resolution appeared to have been marginalized and its multicultural values both dismissed or perhaps co-opted and discredited. The aim of the second edition was to save the conflict resolution organization from this entanglement, and to reassert its unique nature and contribution inside the first 10 years of the twenty-first century. This third release (2011) appears at a particularly uncertain moment in world record, with the promise of a fresh US government once again willing to embrace conflict resolution strategies in wider foreign policy formulation, but with mounting issues from growing non-western forces (notably China), increasingly complex links among state failing and international terrorism, a severely shaken global economy, and passion in Afghanistan and Iraq continuing to wreak a fierce backlash against the complete concept of a ‘liberal peace' – by which conflict quality is often seen to be suggested as a factor. The aim of the third edition is usually to clarify the role of conflict quality at the beginning of the other decade of the century and to redefine their cosmopolitan values in this 3

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Contemporary Conflict Resolution

uncertain and complex environment. Our central debate is that systemic complexity on this kind could make conflict quality more difficult, but for precisely the same reason renders it all the greater relevant and urgent. Like a defined field of research, conflict image resolution started in the 1950s and 1960s. This is at the height of the Frosty War, when the development of indivisible weapons as well as the conflict involving the superpowers seemed to threaten individual survival. Several pioneers via different disciplines saw the significance of studying conflict as a standard phenomenon, with similar properties whether it occurs in international relationships, domestic national politics, industrial associations, communities or perhaps families or perhaps between persons. They observed the potential of applying approaches that have been evolving in industrial associations and community mediation configurations to conflicts in general, which include civil and international conflicts. A handful of people in North America and The european countries began to establish research groups to develop these types of new suggestions. They were not really taken very seriously. The international contact profession experienced its own categories for understanding international conflict and did not welcome the interlopers. Nor was the combination of analysis and practice acted in the new ideas easy to reconcile with established scholarly institutions or perhaps the traditions of practitioners such as diplomats and politicians. Nevertheless, the new tips...

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