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2Doing 2Educational-psychology 3Rate 9Colonies 3Safe 2Recovered 7Related 3Charges 3Enterprise-resource-planning 3Accepted 2Manager 5Identity 5Points 4Isabella 2Previous 2Launch 2Criminal-law 2Spending 3Waves 5Server 2Choice 7Applied 5Black-people 11Reading 3Financial loan 2Find 9Reduce 2Webpages 2Hockey 2Environment 23Weighted-average-cost-of-capital 2Personal 9Impair 2Will 2Rhyme 2Delight 2Finch 2Rhetoric 2Merchandise 3Obesity 2Shot 3Member 2Project 6Banking 2Middle-ages 2Attachment-theory 2English 92014 18Trait-theory 2Crisis 4Difficulty 5Sentence 3Born 8Container 2Best 11Driving 3Gold 2Televised 22013 43Sydney 2White-people 5Austrian 2Source 2Permanent magnet 2Response 4Prevent 2Examination 4Forces 2The year 2003 6Sawyer 2Fluid-dynamics 2Journey 2Holds 22015 8Emotions 22003 4Sociology 31Universities 5Lower income 2Female 3Obtain 2Online 5Jean-piaget 2Life 39Baby 5Liquid 2Flexibility 2New-testament 2Indirect costs 2Motivation 6Religious 2Philosophers 2Decision-making-software 2Bank account 3Poverty-in-the-united-states 2David 2Satan 2Restaurant 3Disease 6External 5June 2013 2Mainstream 2Luxury 2Young 4Behavior 8Diction 2Ethnic 3Single 2Rape 22000 3Common-law 2Encounter 5Dog 3Delivery 2United-kingdom 5Form 4Lean-manufacturing 2Psychosis 2Element 3Fast 3China and tiawan 2Oxygen 3British 2Hospitals 2Hypothesis 2Path 2Athens 2Procedure 10Facebook 5Manufacturer 3Novel 12Differences 2France 3Philosophy 5Made 71967 2Geography 2Poems 3Greece 2Engine 2Went 3Studying 2Sudan 2Democratic-party 3Strategy 8Computer-security 2Begin 6Living 7Kumar 2Experiences 2Noticed 21936 2Organic-food 2Sport 5Careers 2Patterns 3Get together 2Citizens 2Staff 7Clients 5Tale 3Personal debt 2Attack 4United-nations 4Her 2Modern 4Disaster 3Responsibilities 2Long 5Discuss 2Police 8Alcohol 2Follow 2Characteristic 3Walton 2Goodman brown 2Cardiovascular system 2Financial institution 2Country-music 2Barack 2Theories 3Becoming 13Fear 3Rates 4Powerful 2Stage 5Industry 12Henrik-ibsen 2Willy 2Land 2Identification 2Turn into 8Spain 5Impaired 2Illinois 2Mixed-economy 3Being 32Author 5Issue 12March 4Crime 18Hour 3Civil-disobedience 2Equity 2Leadership 9Personnel 2Live 10Tragic 2Call 4Facilities 5Usually 6Yet 2Gerontology 2Counselor 42012 31Very much 2Happy 2Superb 2Eyes 2Nestlc3a9 2Super 2Infants 2Online-shopping 2Property 7Dairy 2Advancement 4University 15Nelson-mandela 2Strategies 5Contract 4Simply 6Protection 2Position 3Ball 3Earnings 3Expenditure 4E-learning 2Customer-service 102011 32Macroeconomics 7Cities 2Educational institutions 2Power 15Variable-cost 2Activities 13Diet 4Constantly 3To-kill-a-mockingbird 5Rules 3Standards 3Cultural 6Environmental 6Transition 2Functioning 2The-walt-disney-company 2Cash-flow 3Generally-accepted-accounting-principles 7London 2Test 4Brand-management 3Data systems 2Economic-growth 2Osama-bin-laden 2Marxism 3Cover 3Believed 4Cosmetics 2Treatments 2Church 5Taught 2Change 15Family members 7Greatest 2Friends 3Buy 4Woman macbeth 2Brown 2Amount 9Vehicles 2Francisco 2Occupational-safety-and-health 2Hughes 2Emotion 8Section 11English-language 3Cross-cultural-communication 2Prepare 21976 3Minimum 2Marijuana 4February 2Poland 2Better half 2Greek 3A-story 2Metro-manila 2Affirmative-action 2Romeo 3System 23British-empire 3Williams 3Brownish 3Disorders 4Operation 2Creature 4Civilization 2Urban 2Airport 2Recollection 2Baseball 2File-sharing 2Gasoline 2Hunting 3Birmingham 2Internal-control 2Composition 3Equilibrium 2Unconscious 3Cold-war 4Health care 3Communist 2Natural-environment 4Special 22004 4Applicant 3Waste 5Authentication 2Periods 2Yr 2Thomas 2Analysis 15Positive 2Motivated 2Loss of life 3Speak 3Jackson 2Sins 2Division 3Southwest-airlines 2Fact 4Require 7Cannabis 2File-system 2Classroom 5Great 15Public-transport 3Father 22Date 3Themselves 5Drivers 3Having 6Building 12Violent 2Barack-obama 32010 26Bangladesh 4Taiwan 2Systems-development-life-cycle 2Welch 2Germany 4Command 4Lobster 2Capitalization 2Epidemiology 2Sports 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